A Cardano NFT community with utility


NFT Vikings

Exploring & Conquering the Cardano NFT Space

CT793, or CardanoThor 793, is a fellowship of like-minded NFT enthusiasts on the Cardano blockchain known as the “Vikings”. The primary mission is to benefit members through shared knowledge and resources, provide a rewarding community, and be a positive influence in the greater Cardano NFT space.

The only technical requirement for membership is owning a CT793 token. CT793 is the heart of a multi-dimensional Viking ecosystem, providing intangible value such as community and knowledge as well as tangible value, such as whitelist spots, discounts, free NFTs, and more.

Like the original Vikings, we explore and conquer new frontiers in the digital space of Web3 and discover life-changing opportunities by rowing in unison. This is the Viking Voyage. This is CT793.